How It Works

frequently asked questions

We understand that most people have never stepped inside a shipping container and have very little understaning about them. We do our best to educate you on these containers and modifications. Please ask us any and all questions you might have so we can better help you understand what to expect.

General questions
Delivery ranges anywhere from 2-10 business day depending on availability of desired containers, of course adding on any sort of modifications may add to your delivery time. Feel free to contact us at any point as we would like to keep you updated on the progress of your order.
Your container will be delivered on either a 40' tilt bed trailer or a 20' tilt bed trailer. This will be decided when placing your order.
The sufficient space required for proper delivery is 100 ft. of straight clearance. The container cannot be dropped in any sort of soft sand or rocky terrain. If the container cannot be dropped in the desired location, please have a second location ready and accessible. *OUR DRIVERS DO AN INCREDIBLE JOB, BUT THEY CANNOT DEFY PHYSICS OR PERFORM MAGIC TRICKS ON YOUR PROPERTY :)
The container will be loaded with the doors facing the direction in which you requested when you placed your order. If the container needs to be flipped in another direction, please contact us immediately before your container is scheduled to be delivered. There is a 75$ charge for flipping around a container once we get to your location.
Inspecting the ground where the container will sit is very important; the ground should be mostly compact and level. The container can sit directly on the ground, railroad ties/ blocks are not required. A forklift or tractor may be needed to move the container into the exact location you desire if our truck and trailer is limited by space or terrain.
Modifiying exisiting shipping containers is very popular. We can send a crew to your home or business and modify your already owned storage container!
The cargo container industry is driectly affected by the steel industry. As the price of steel rises and lowers the same is reflected into the container industry.
Storage containers are fully customizable. We can install your doors, windows, vents, turbines, & more wherever you would like on your container!
We do keep stock in our locations if you would like to pick out your container in person.